My name is Dylan Koltz-Hale.

I am a digital marketer and creative.

Who am I?

I am the smartest man in Minnesota (according to Google) working as a SEO with a digital marketing agency. My current position (more on that later) is slightly less glamorous than when I was a tour boat captain on Como Lake, but I still enjoy it. 

When I'm not working or uncomfortably writing about myself I volunteer my time as a mentor through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization. I also take pictures which have been shared by numerous online sources including the official tourism Instagram account for the city of Saint Paul.

I am passionate about utilizing my professional and personal skills to drive socially and environmentally conscious projects and relationships.  

What work do I do?


My father was one of the first software programmers in Minnesota and unsurprisingly his interest in software and technology rubbed off on me at an early age. I grew up with a mouse in my hand and my fingers on a keyboard, navigating and manipulating the digital world. 

While my coding skills do not approach my fathers I hold my own in many areas of digital work. In university I learned basic coding and webmaster skills, demonstrated by the building and managing of many WordPress websites, including this one

Over my years as a SEO strategist and freelance consultant I have practiced most technical aspects of digital marketing including:

- Webmaster duties (hosting, FTP, SSL, ect.)

- Customizing WordPress with builders, themes, and plugins

- Administration of various CMSs 

- Identifying and optimizing HTML/metadata

- Utilizing tools to research and track performance metrics of websites


I love to research and write nonfiction/biographical informationI write content and copy that is optimized for searchers and search engines. Luckily, these two skills are converging as search engines improve their ability to measure user experience.

In addition to my affinity for writing I have been shooting in manual with my Nikon DSLR for the last five years. I have been mostly interested in street/lifestyle photography and portraits of friends and family. One day I would like to incorporate my photography into content marketing campaigns.

Also, I have experience with the Adobe suit creating logos, icons, and other creative imagery, including my resume. All of the creative assets on my website were created by me, I avoid stock photography/icons whenever possible.

In summary I am experienced with:

- SEO conscious content/copy writing

- Conversion focused writing (B2B/B2C)

- Shooting a variety of subjects in manual with DSLR cameras

- Adobe suite

- Design principles



My first true introduction into the world of marketing strategy was as a member of my university's Advertising and Marketing club. While participating in this group and through mass media study courses I decided that my skills and passions were best suited for a career digital marketing. Since graduating I have been at an agency and freelancing.

By managing dozens of SEO projects I have learned a lot, not just about the actual work of digital marketing but the sales and client relationship as well. The most important piece of wisdom I picked up is that digital marketing is a means to an end not the other way around. Said differently, don't work on solutions if you don't understand the problem. 

My basic process in running digital strategy is to assist in identifying organizational objectives, prescribe and implement digital solutions, measure impact, and adjust as necessary. I find that as long as this basic process is followed everything else tends to fall into place. 

Below are the main tools I find myself pulling out of the box, but by no means is this list exhaustive. 

- Client relationship management (pitching services, communicating strategy, ect.)

- Research driven keyword/content strategy

- GMB/local SEO strategy

- On-page SEO best practices

- Backlinking practices

- Lead & attribution tracking/reporting

What Do People Say About Me?

"I have had the pleasure of working with Dylan on many occasions. He is reliable, dedicated, and professional. He has extensive knowledge of SEO, social media, and brand strategy. I like how he gets excited about the boring stuff. He is always looking for opportunities to leverage ROI. And he is very thoughtful and constructive with his feedback. 5 stars!"

-Gabe Steinberg

The biggest one that comes to mind when I think of his work is Responsibility. Each step he takes (or directs) is going to somehow positively enhance the client's approach to revenue, brand and new business. Plus, if you're ever in need to feel a bit more in tuned with yourself, he's the guy that reminds you how important it is to stop, breathe, be thankful and get back to the hustle.

-Spenser Baldwin

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-Scooby Doo

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